SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed dating ?

Big news broke out earlier today with the news of SHINee’s Jonghyun confirmed to be dating actress Shin Se Kyung. The news took Korea by storm with it making the front page of newspapers and Shin Se Kyung having to close her Cyworld homepage due to many hate messages.

The term “BREAKING NEWS: SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed to be dating” has been reblogged and retweeted so many times that it started an viral rumor that SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are dating. The rumor have left many fans in disbelief with one fan saying, ‘Now Taemin and Sulli. If that happened I would jump off a bridge.’ Another fan tweeted, ‘I’ll be running down the street holding a knife if SULLI and TAEMIN are dating!!’.

Taemin and Sulli have worked together previously for a CF and have been closely linked in the past, but Taemin revealed last year that his ideal girl was Emma Watson.

On a side note, I do think this is just a viral joke, so before anyone confirms anything, let’s not bring out those butcher knives and rip your hearts out yet!

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SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed dating ?

148 thoughts on “SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed dating ?

    1. Lee Chon-hee귀여운 says:

      Yeah, i hate her too.. she has an attitude problem! My baby taemin deserves a kind, simple, pretty and reserved girl..!

      1. vivian says:

        she has an attitude problem? You barely even know her!! So your just judging her because of her looks wowww I’m judging you how you’re not showing respect to her. If you love Taemin so much you should be proud that he’s growing up and i’m so glad that he hasn’t met you >.>

      2. Evangel says:

        Why do u hate just because she took away ur taemin? Taemin isnt urs he never has been so shut and stop saying u own him like a puppet

    2. SunJung Lee says:

      How can you hate her? DO YOU EVEN KNOW HER!? OHMYGOSH. I can’t believe you guys…. Taemin, I’m so sorry.

      1. you’re right .. I really support TaeMin because he is my bias … he has his own life .. so why we stop him by doing what he really wants (Just a Fan of TaeMin)

      1. unkown says:

        hey dont ever hate sulli because you dont even know her. and excuse me YOU ARE NOT TAEMIN S GIRLFRIEND! to say everything that you want to say to every girl he date. are you taemin s mother or sister etc. or an GRILFRIEND! if you love taemin give him a freedom, you are just a fan!

      1. Shivesh says:

        Sorry,if u hate sulli….taemin also will hate u!!!!!sulli and taemin are the bestest couple….

  1. jaja says:

    poor sulli..she’s being hated just coz of that article and everyone starts to hate on her as if they really know her in person o.O

    1. Lee Chon-hee귀여운 says:

      We don’t hate her because of this breaking news.. we hate her coz she’s so stubborn, brat and i just don’t like her from the very beginning… Maybe my instinct told me that is really a waste of time of liking her.. she has an attitude problem.. I’m not making any stories just so anyone would hate her.. this is just a fact..!! she’s so rude.. Taemin is a good guy.. He deserves someone much much better than her..

      1. she’s not bad as u think , dont said she’s rude because you dont know her . just because you read the articles about she being rude and all of that doesn’t mean that all of them are real . if u did some research about her maybe you will be more understand . she is still young . dont hate her because of some reasons . maybe she is rude because of something . but Im really sure that she is not rude,stubborn and all of that all the time ~

      2. Lea says:

        Do u even know sulli? Because if u did u would know how nice she is but since u dont u criticize her just because she might be dating taemin. I spent a day with sulli and she doesnt have an addituide.

      3. onew hyung says:

        To be honest, sulli isn’t rude or stubborn. I think that’s your first impression of her. She loves being the cute maknand sometimes.. I mean SOMETIMES she can be a little bit annoying with her cuteness. Shes very bubbly and friendly. Articles usually lies about almost everythin. You should watch in a radio interview with fx or tht show called hello fx. That shows her real atittude. And please don’t judge someone by its cover. Btw, its up to taemin. Not his fans -.-

      4. Vanessa Jane says:

        You are so evil! Just because the article said Lee Taemin and Choi sulli dating does not mean it’s true! You said she has attitude problem? You’re a real attitude problem! But you’re not Realized and what’s wrong with Lee Taemin and choi sulli dating? You as fans should respect Lee Taemin. First time I heard news of their dating I even surprised but I feel happy that they are very compatible! So you as fans have cannot make a decision about Lee Taemin’s life!

    2. shineeF(x) says:

      ikr! to be honest, shes my fav in fx. and if ppl love taemin so much, they should be happy for him!!>:OO its not like youd ever have a chance to be w/ him! you know, ive always wanted them to be together.

  2. Lee Chon-hee귀여운 says:

    I don’t like sulli for my baby taemin!! Sulli has an attitude problem… At first, i don’t hate sulli but when i read the article about her being so rude, brat and stubborn i began to hate her.. gee, taemin is a good guy.. He deserves someone much much better than her!!!

    1. maya says:

      YA!!!!! it’s not like you live with her and so are the reporters only her bandmates now her well DO YOU THINK YOU’RE A NICE PERSON????!!! YOU’RE JUST AS STUPID AS THE REPORTERS!!!!!!

  3. taeminfan says:

    I don’t like Sulli.
    Taemin is my bias so i really hope he isn’t dating Sulli. But oh well, Taemin is not ready to date anyone yet~
    Sulli really has an attitude problem -.- i’m fine with Taemin dating other idols, just NOT Sulli alright.

    And it’s totally IMPOSSIBLE, because their from the same company, they can’t date each other.

    1. Lea says:

      seriously stop talking about sulli having an attitude problem for everything when she doesn’t. you can’t just believe every article you read. And if u hate ur a sin forever

      1. maya says:

        i totally agree if sulli read the negative comments she will be mad and maybe she won’t be forgiving ya guys but…. since she’s a nice person i don’t think she will but if she do it will be a BIG sin and you guys will have to apoligize to her

    2. taellifans says:

      Why are you inter know their lives?
      sulli is beautiful, cute and sample why you do not like him?

    3. maya says:

      AISHHHH just because they’re from the same company doesn’t mean they can’t date it’s not the CEO decides their fate

    4. Erza scarlet says:

      GO TO HELL! You have no right to judge a person or criticize her just because taemin is dating her. So what?? Would taemin change his mind if it’s true?

  4. ParkChanHyo95 says:

    Geez~~ About him and Sulli dating?? Hmm, I can’t see any chemistry between them.. *sorry Taemin and Sulli fans* But if he would date any other Idol or a Non-showbiz girl, it’s very okay with me as long as he’s happy~~ XD I love Taemin oppa so much.. ^_____________^ *just saying*

  5. Winnie says:

    LOL~ Don’t think it’s true. Hope not. I hate Sulli, such an attitude.

    Taemin deserves someone that loves him alot and kind.

    1. maya says:

      well what if sulli does love him (well….it’s just a rumour you can’t confirm unless you ask both of them

  6. lieya2332 says:

    i really hope that taemin will be happy with her…i’m crying when i say this…hmm…i really hope that shinee will perform at malaysia next year^^..hee~

  7. Choi Myeong says:

    hell to the no.~
    our baby TaeMin deserves so much better than that stubborn, little ungratful brat with additude issues. but i do love the fact that JongHyun and Kyung are dating, they make the cutest couple, the way he used to talk about her in “Hello Baby”. But TaeMin and Sulli-brat? No. Absolutely not.

  8. hyunsoo says:

    if that real news..i will ??? kill sulli and then kill my self..hehe,no it’s just kidding but actually it’s ok for me

  9. anchovy says:

    Is there any other reason to dislike Sulli? Because I’ll support Tae just like I support any other idol. People say they hate her…hopefully not because of this ‘dating’ stuff but why would she be hated? Taemin is a popular and cute guy; of course a lot of girls are going to not like the person he dates…

      1. maya says:

        hey even a murderer can change sulli can change too but i don’t think she have any attitude problems

  10. Jessica says:

    Ok!! everyone! You shouldn’t hate her, may be she’s stubborn and everything but give them a chance! May be they aren’t dating but it doesn’t mean we have to hate her! HATE is a strong word, you shouldn’t even say you hate her, when you don’t even know her, in person.
    I don’t want Taemin dating either but may be we’ll get use to this and just move on. Like how Jonghyun is dating someone right now, it doesn’t really matters to ppl. So don’t be so stupid and suicide! Its not worth the risk! We should cherish our life.

  11. amirahXD says:

    I’ll be happy for them . Plus they are my bias(es) frm shinee and f(x) . If you’re a true fan, you’ll be happy for em if it is really true . Right ??

    [Correct me if im wrong, just stating the obvious]

    1. IMeMyTaeminnie says:

      I definitely agree with you.. They’re my bias(es) too in SHINee and f(x).. I’ll be happy for them.. But it sorta breaks my heart.. T_T Hahahaha!! XD I just want Our Taeminnie to be happy~~ :]]

  12. taeminnie32 says:

    Sulli has ‘attitude problems’ so which means she’s a very mean girl. Taemin doesn’t deserve her AT ALL. 😡 If they’re confirmed dating, Sulli wouldn’t just be hated because of her attitude problems but also because of her dating Taemin.

    1. Reena says:

      I agree with you.

      I never cared much for Sulli, Even when she first debuted with F(x).

      I don’t hate her, But I just don’t like her.

      I literally sat down and watched videos of her and researched and TRIED to like her.

      I just can’t, I’m sorry.

      The only ones I can seem to like are: Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal.

      But I think that it’s just a rumor, Honestly.

      Unless.. They’re dating secretly? Nahh! >.<

      I don't think SM would allow it, Especially if it's within their own Entertainment Agency.

      Even though the rule was for SME Artists are not supposed to date.

      Hah, What a crock. -__-;

      1. Sherry says:

        I totally agree with you too!
        I tried so hard to appreciate Sulli, but i just can’t.
        Even though knowing that Taemin might have feelings towards her, i can’t grasp the fact that he might choose Sulli.
        When he confessed that his ideal girl was Emma Watson i was fine with it.
        Emma Watson is the type of girl i could imagine Taemin with, not Sulli.
        A couple of my friends have some sort of a connection with a couple of people who did work with Sulli before, and apparently her attitude towards everyone is really cold and rude.
        I really hope that they aren’t going out, because i dunno.
        Taemin will forever be SHINee’s maknae, no matter how old he is c:
        and i can’t see someone as sweet as Taemin be with someone like Sulli.

      2. vivian says:

        just because you just researched her and just don’t like her doesn’t mean she’s a crock your just judging her on camera you know there are scripts and maybe she can be nervous aish she just debuted >.>



    1. Evangel says:

      He is not urs and u will never even get him to notice u bitch so stop hatin and taemin with never be urs because he is an idol get that through ur fuckin thick skull

    2. maya says:


    3. what the f*ck is your problem bitch…taemin isnt yours and will never be yours take that on your f**cking mind…and you cant control taemin to break sulli if ever that is true..and im SULLI’S FAN and she is my bias…everyone whose saying bad to her ..i have a question..






  14. Sherry says:

    even if this is true, i’ll support them.
    If they are going out, i hope Sulli knows that she is the luckiest girl in the entire universe.
    As long as Taemin’s happy, then i am too :’)
    Even though i do dislike Sulli, knowing that Taemin might have feelings for her, i have to respect that.
    I hope Taemin is happy, SHINee’s maknae is finally growing up c:
    I’ll always love and support Taemin!

  15. Monica says:


  16. Jhelca Valenton says:

    haiytxs . kaloka .. !!! naiinixs ako xsah mukha ni sulli .. !!!!!! >.< ang landi mag pacute ndi marunong ilugar pexste .. 😀 nakaka highblood xsia te .. :DD

  17. If you like TAEMIN and think he is awesome then don’t you think that you should just drop it on just FREAKIN get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i mean seriously if your a TRUE FAN OF TAEMIN then should’ve you just agree to who he likes if HE LIKES SULLI then just let it be i seriously can’t believe that most of yous would disagree.then WHO WOULD TAEMIN MARRY TO WHEN HE IS OLDER?Like seriously if you guys LIKE TAEMIN then just let him be with someone that he likes.Cuz i know how you feel if you don’t want them to be together but seriously you would break TAEMIN’S HEART IF YOU KEEP ON POSTING OR SAYING STUFF LIKE THAT!AND IF ANYONE WANTS TO GO TO SOUTH KOREAN IF THEIR FAVOURITE BAND IS THERE THEN THAT PERSON MIGHT NOT WANT TO GO TO SOUTH KOREA ANYMOREBECAUSE OF THAT RUMOUR!!!!!!!!!!!! (IM DISSAPOINTED IN YOU GUYS WHO DISAGREES TO THEM!)

  18. haha! taemin oppa’s birthday was yesterday! i love him so much !this rumor was an old issue right? cause jonghyun oppa and min saekyung unnie just broke up. anyways i really hate sulli sh is just plastic >< .. (in my opinion)

    1. LS says:

      wut? U can see all the photos of her childhood, definitely not plastic, she was a child actress since long ago.
      How old are you? Why so immature would u hate Bom, Sunny, Kwanghee for having PS? If u want to HATE someone atleast have a good reason, I think she’s pretty OK, being one of the first girls to have befriended Heechul, throwing a muddy ball at him after he made her cry XD
      If u think this is plastic I wonder what you think is natural.

  19. Alison says:

    We r just taemin’s fans! Jgn egois dong! Jgn campuri urusan pribadinya taemin! Emgnya lo mamanya ya? Ngatur2 kehidupannya.

  20. i think it is ok if she love him and he love’s here and i wish to tham the happenese (but i will love u taemin and i will always do forever )

    thanx ❤ ^_^

  21. Taminyeo says:

    why do you

    why did you take Taemin
    You’re not fit
    not suitable at all
    I really hate him
    Basic Sulli Bad!
    (Sorry For Enthusiasts For I Hate Sulli)

  22. MilaTaemininie says:

    It’s really not a gossip? is this really real? (not believe). I’m sad they are together (crying). Huhuhuu …
    Are they going to be happy? Why they do the dating huuuft :'<
    Why did this have to happen (not willingly)
    No no no
    : '<

  23. Pie says:

    jealous bitches gonna be jealous and hating.
    they’re both adrable and if they ever dated, i’d be happy for them.

  24. Anonymous says:

    OMG….. U shawols are so mean… Sulli isnt a bad person i mean ik she had

    this past and that diary thing and ya…. But Sulli isnt like that NOW! She is the sweet,

    nice and kind girl from f(x). Also, u shawols think ur part of taemin’s business

    and all that. NO UR NOT!! SO LAY OFF! Maybe Taemin likes Sulli who

    knows?! Do u know? I betchu dont! Why?!!! Cuz u dont manage Taemin’s life!








  25. Anonymous says:

    Omg you shawols are sooo mean! Do u guys think u manage Taemin’s life?? HEY!! MAYBE TAEMIN LIKES SULLI!!! we dont know! Do u know?! I bet not BECUZ YOU DONT MANAGE HIS LIFE!!

    Also, Sulli isnt a bad person!! Ik she had that thing in her past when she was a trainee (the diary) HEY! SHE ISNT LIKE THAT ANYMORE! We all make mistakes and ya, she isnt perfect! Do u guys think that sulli will still be like that?! RIght now shes full grown and much more mature than she was b4! I bet u guys have more problems than her! Also, she was 12! She was still growing and maturing. So LAY OFF AND QUIT HATING ON HER!

  26. Trololol~ says:

    Ehh sorry. A girl with attitude problems, -try to focus on her on rehearsal videos and compare the energy with the other 4. you’ll see- Taemin deserves so much better. Jiyoung – Taemin. <333

  27. I hate f(x) says:

    oh if that happense I will come to korea (next 4 years because I am 13!!!) then I will kill her!!!!!!!
    If some one has taemin real emai something like this please share it in yahoo answers

  28. Mizuki Shouko Himeji says:

    Can someone tell me what did sulli and krystal do?
    im a new F(x) fan..coz..before i only like snsd,but now i love f(x) and SNSD…

  29. why you people hate her soo much??? let taemin make his own choice..taemin should be happy too..why you so jealous toward sulli..u can’t tell sulli have a bad attitude b’coz u don’t know her in reality..i like taemin with sulli..did u don’t wanna see taemin happy?? if they really2 in love,i will always prays that they will live happily together..i love taemin too..but i’m not jealous of sulli b’coz i know i will never get taemin in my live..i’d be happy for them..

  30. Hello evryone. Im just surfing the net and accidentally opened this site. Reading those comments are just too awful. Good thing, there are some who saw the bright side. People are so judgemental. Before we judge others, judge urself first and one more thing.. dont be a hypocrite. Accept the fact that people have their imperfections. Clear ur mind with those negative ideas, relax ur heartbeat and start ur day with positive thoughts. Saranghae evryone. Care”, 143.

    1. maya says:


  31. Judge much? You dont even know her! If Taemin is dating Sulli then, we should all just get over it! If you really love Taemin then you must also agree of what makes him happy!

  32. Why do guys like Sulli so much? She’s basically best friends with both my biases (Taemin and Heechul), and IU’s Peachy was written about Sulli from the point of view of a guy. Can anyone explain this?

  33. Why do guys like Sulli so much? She’s close friends with both of my biases (Taemin and Heechul) and IU’s Peachy was written about her from the point of view of a guy. I’m not a hater, I really don’t know enough about her to make any judgement besides pure jealousy. Can anyone explain this?

  34. Lol. Haters will be haters. What, you expected Sulli to be perfect? I’m pretty sure every one here has been rude one time in their lives too. Let Taemin be happy with who he wants. Your hating attitude just shows your ignorance and pettiness. 🙂

  35. Lao says:

    Shinee is doing great but F(x) is sinking in my opinion. Should Sulli really be dating? I mean if I was in that line of work and in the same company as someone special, I’d want to stand on similar levels. I keep wondering what the heck is FX doing in all the time since they’ve debut. We hardly hear them, they only have a handful of songs out.

    1. F(x) was just sinking in me and my chingu’s opinion . I really hate F(x) especially that Sulli rude,sucking,fucking,shitting and doesn’t have any attitude girl.She really doesn’t good with him.if they’re couples i will really kill That Sulli kind of girl

      1. maya says:

        youre the one who’s fucking shitting sucking and rude it’s not like youre close to her try to live with her for 3 days i bet you would understand i believe you have been rude more than one time too everybody is not perfect

  36. mushroom514 says:

    I’m a shawol and I totally ship them. (even if Taemin’s my bias) :3
    You people say she has attitude problems or she isn’t suited for him and all but the way I see it, these haters have a much More bigger problem than her. You don’t even know her.. You call yourself a fan and you don’t even care about your idol’s happiness. Besides, its just a rumour. I, myself, know that I’ll never even be friends with them. So, please.. Deal with it. -.-

  37. Hyorishable says:

    NO! I don’t want Taemin with Sulli who is have an attitude problems! I hate her because she is the reason why KBS radio and tv hate on YG Family. Just because G-Dragon say that his ideal type is Sulli. Than, KBS banned YG Family! They don’t play YG artist song in KBS radio. How sad! So yeah! I don’t want Taemin with that girl although Taemin is not my bias.

    1. miles says:

      GD was the one said it. so it’s his problem … why blame Sulli. i hate people blaming girls because he said she’s cute pretty or anything. i love kpop and i love all kpop girls.

  38. T_T says:

    Ok guys please I hope you understand me, I am a huge fan of Sulli and I just LOVE Teamin. But teamin doesn’t match a girl like Sulli he matches someone really sensitive and you know…… And also Sulli she don’t match him too. Amber is perfect for Sulli so don’t make this last longer they won’t even like each other IF they date.

  39. Fitz says:

    How dare u all say that to sulli.just let them happy. I think taemin and sulli can be a perfect couple….:) don’t judge a book by its cover….i hope u all can understand me……:)

  40. Ship them both!! says:

    I’m a big fan of them so don’t critisize Sulli like that!You can’t control Taemin’s life just because you like him.Let him be with his own life.If he will be happy with Sulli,then just let them be happy!I really ship them both to be a couple.Like you really now Sulli personally..Hope you all understand my opinion..^_^

  41. Hello World! All I want to say is, don’t be a busybody and dont put your hands in Taemin’s business. If Sulli and Taemin are really dating, I don’t care. Plus they’re not even a part of my life. I have more fish to fry. Don’t hate them; you have more important things to do. You call yourself a fan? Duh, you don’t even care about Taemin’s happiness. To be honest, I really hate Sulli. But I don’t care if they’re dating. Because I would NEVER want to be a part of Sulli’s life. I love Taemin but I hate Sulli. And if they’re dating, I DON’T WANT TO BE ENGROSSED IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Because I love Jonghyun MORE. And I will be forever bling…

  42. Winchester says:

    I recommend you guys to watch to the beautiful you drama.i began to like Sulli when i’m watching this drama.Sulli is really cute.But I didn’t aspect her to date with Taemin.I really want her to date Minho. 🙂

  43. Well, we are all free to express our feelings. If you hate Sulli, I don’t care. If you think she’s rude and stubborn, I don’t care as well. I just couldn’t see the rudeness and stubbornness in her that you guys are seeing. You see her bad sides but you don’t see her good sides, isn’t that so unfair?

  44. dont say that bad bad words for sulli…. did you even know her?… why did all of you guys hate her? she doesnt know you knor either she doesnt know you at all….. for me i don’t like taemin for sulli because they are not compatible with each other bacause sulli is more compatible w/ choi minho

  45. OMG PEOPLE!!!! STOP HATING ON SULLI!!!! she hasn’t done anything to u. If this article is TRUE!!! Just be happy for Taemin!! Stop saying that sulli has attitude problem. U guys barely know SULLI. Just please respect her and STOP with all the hatin’. TAEMIN doens’t BELONG TO ANYONE!!! ok, and if he does belong to someone it’s his FAMILY and if he is happy with SULLI then please just respect that. Don’t you want TEAMIN to be HAPPY!!!! Don’t judge Sulli because of some stupid fake article and also don’t Judge Sulli by her outside personality.

  46. HappyImagine says:

    Hahaha :L I thought Sulli was older than Taemin…. guess not :L (she looks older) . I’m a Shawol too but i believe that if those two are dating, then good for them. It’s not like Taemin will randomly meet a Shawol, fall in love and hit news. That’s like fanfictttiiioooonnnn :L . I’m also a bit saddened by this post but i don’t have to believe it. It’s a possibility and we should be happy for them if they are. It’s also hard being a celebrity and hard to get into those Kpop companies as well. Life is harsh, get over it. 🙂

  47. no I asian -.- says:

    can u guys kindly NOT do this sulli is my favourite out of fx and and i think shes cute~~ and very pretty nobody is perfect ok and im pretty sure tht includes all of u guizz .so u guizz dont have the rite to criticize her.
    tbh i perfer minho and sulli <3<3

  48. LuluLovesYou says:

    Hello! 🙂 Don’t hate Sulli to much. I admit I am Taelli shipper. Why Kpop Idols such as F(x) members, IU, Heechul and so on love Sulli? If she has an attitude problem, her career should be in critical state. Hehehe! We knew, Heechul is a man can’t be tame and straightforward person but why he did not unfriend her if Sulli is a brat and has an attitude problem? Let Taemin free to choose who will be his girl. Be happy for him. Taemin is not a puppet that we need to control and stop him even we are disagree whatever or whoever he choose. We are just supporters and not destructors of others’ lives. Clear? Don’t hate me. hehehe! Keep calm and just love Kpop 🙂

  49. miles says:

    i can’t stop myself doing a comment. even this article is way back before… why is it obsess fans are so stupid… they (artist) are paid to do their jobs not to make their life a living hell. you don’t own anybody and I feel sorry for all k pop artist esp. the boys if they like someone they have to hide her.

    Sulli being hated coz of some stupid twits. sometimes it is all planned all artist work hard to make their names esp the beautiful once but some people wants to ruin it bcoz of being retard. whats wrong not smiling off cam to someone or staffs if the artist doesn’t want to, and it doesn’t mean she’s fake… And being friendly with the staff doesn’t means they have good attitude they just use their brain to gain fans bcoz they know they cant surpass the others. the guys are the one choosing her not the other way around.

    Taemin treated as a prince well Ive seen some interviews about him … buying 5 mp3 in a year. or loosing a phone bought by his mom and lost the 2nd one again in the same place in the end both cp are there. sounds like sloppy to me. he has life so stop doing things like you obsess fans own him. true fans means if his happy you’ll be happy for him no matter what it is and support him till the end.

  50. unknown says:

    tzk .. kung makapanghusga kau parang ang demonyo na nia, tignan niu kaya muna srili niu bago sia… u dnt even know her.. all humans have their own dark side and angel side. nobody is perfect ,right? honestly speaking, i’m a little bit evil when it comes to a myth issues ..

  51. SuperMaria says:

    Why do such people say such absurd description to Sulli, I agree to everyone who disapproves haters. How come you say that she (Sulli) is not good for you Taemin?? Duhh.. YOU TOO ARE NOT GOOD FOR HIM EITHER.. Guys, don’t let your insecurities put you down. If Taemin is reading your commened, he will be disappointed to you because he got evil fans.

  52. ♥Suzana Qays ♥ says:

    I love taemin so much although i’m block b fans but also like shinee i hope they have a happy relationship but from what i know sulli date minho ! Not taemin anyway why those fans put their nose for none of their business and no need to fight we are not babies
    From my opinion i like fx and anyone hate sulli mean jealous coz shes pretties girl in skorea

  53. maya says:

    to all the hatrss i feel sorry for ya guys to all the supporters keep supporting sulli and taemin even if theyre not dating haterss you just hate bcoz youre jealous if you guys could tell me one reason you hate sulli than tell me don’t use her attitude to make excuses everyone have an attitude buhbye

  54. tiffany says:

    Sulli is the most hatest member from k pop …………. oh god now sulli is nit hearany more … i am very happy she was removed from sm …….. yey

  55. dont hate sulli…she is not a bad girl…and for your information this is just a rumor ok…omg she said sulli is not pretty? she blind…sulli is goddess…

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